Stefania is looking for a Room in Amsterdam

Stefania is looking for: A Room in Amsterdam

  • Room
  • Min. 10 m2
  • 27 Immediately

I am 20 years old, and I know that you are looking for someone older but I figured why not try. I am half Italian (so I am always up for some pizza time) and half Hungarian. I am from Hungary/Budapest but I lived in Rome for 2 years before doing my bachelors in the Netherlands. I study environmental sustainability in The Hague but I will be going to Vrije Universiteit where I will do my minor in business administration and finish my bachelors. I am easy going and chill, I love cats , art and comedy. Since I am 16 I always lived together with other students or people around my age and I never had issues, I try to leave others personal space and I respect boundaries but I am also up for a dinner in or out with my roommates.

General information: Stefania
  , 120 years old
Type of tenant: Student
  2nd study year Environmental Sustainability (University)